About the Golden

Howdy! On this blog I’ll be telling you about me and my mom, P. H. Burdette, and what it’s like living with her and her pack. 🙂 Lemme tell you a little about myself here.*ahem* My name is Dixie. I’m a red Golden Retriever and sometimes people come up to my mom and ask her if I’m an Irish Setter. I like to chase squirrels and balls, watch birds, play with my mom, eat, go for walks, bark at the neighbor and play hide and seek with my mom.

On this blog to keep you from getting confused, my posts and my words will be in blue. 🙂

Adios! ….for now. 😉


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One thought on “About the Golden

  1. Ava

    Hi P.H. I just thought that I would let you know that I now have a baby hat and 2 baby washcloths finished now. I’m currently working on the teddy bear and the blanket, I should have the bear finished in a week or so and the blanket in a couple of weeks. 😉

    I plan on asking to be able to do a blog either this week or the next. Just waiting for the right time ya know ?^.^

    And one more thing that I forgot to tell you that happened to me last thursday: There’s this lady that we know at walmart(for like ever since we have lived here) and I was showing her my scarfs on my ipod that I’ve made. and GUESS WHAT ????????? She is going to pay me to make her a scarf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD I’m finally going to get to paid a little to crochet, that’s like been my dream EVER since I started doing and loving crochet !!!!!! Sorry just a “tad” excited. 🙂

    Okay bye now.^-^

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