Weekly Trick – Unique and Unusual Tricks For Dogs

This video is definitely worth watching! There has to be a truly amazing bond between these dogs and their handler! It’s a beautiful thing to watch. 🙂 Thanks for sharing furbabiesfurever!


This video is worth it just to watch the two dogs in the beginning.

I promise you, the dogs are so sweet.  The first trick they show is the dogs getting on their hind legs and hugging each other.  That was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts!

If you watch the video, you can kind of pick up how they taught their dogs these tricks.  Remember if you are trying to teach your dog more advanced tricks, patience is necessary and treats are necessary.

The dogs learn to weave in and out of their pet parent’s legs, as well as stand on the feet of their pet parent and walk with them.  BOTH dogs at the same time perform this trick!

Next, the larger dog stays standing on the pet parent’s feet, while the smaller dog goes in between the pet parents legs AND the larger dog’s legs! …

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Aggravating Questions (or, She Is Not A Pet In A Fancy Jacket)

People need to realize that those who ‘disguise’ their pets as service dogs and go out into public, and if their dog misbehaves in any way at all, it can cause a lot of problems for those who have TRUE service dogs. There was even talk for a while of banning service dogs from certain public places! These are the kind of problems those people could cause for the disabled with service dogs! (And not to mention it’s also called BREAKING THE LAW!)




“Where did you buy your dog’s jacket?”  Or “Will you sell me your dog’s jacket?”

When I hear these sorts of questions, it’s really hard for me not to feel angry and self-righteous.  After I take a few deep breaths, the conversation usually goes something like this:

I’ll ask, “Is your dog a trained service dog?”

Response, “Uhh… No.  He/She’s my pet.  But I want to take him/her everywhere with me, like (example/s)…”

“By law, only service dogs may wear service dog vests, and have access to restaurants (or wherever was stated in the above response).”

“But, no one will ever know.  He/she is really well-behaved.”

I usually end the conversation at this point, suggesting they look up the  Americans with Disabilities Act to find out the legal rights and qualifications for service dogs and their handlers.  But, of course, logic doesn’t usually sway these people’s desires to…

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Why do dogs pull?

A great article on one of the many ways to teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash.

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Play wif me not Facebook!

Though this picture if very humorous, in many cases it’s very true that computers seem to be taking over people’s lives and they have no time for anyone or their pets. Please take the time to spend time with your family and your pets if you have any and get off the computer for awhile!

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A New Addition

On Monday the 15th, my first betta fish died. He had been suffering from dropsy, a deadly disease, for nearly a month. He was my very first fish and opened the world of aquariums to me. His name was Peach and he was a pink pastel VeilTail Betta; and the only betta I’ve ever seen who had blue eyes.

In Memory of my first betta, Peach

Upon losing my first fish, my mom took me to PetSmart to get a new one to ‘replace’ Peach. No fish can replace Peach but the aquarium seemed so empty and lifeless with only a snail inhabiting it. I ended up getting a young male Halfmoon Betta and a shrimp named John (long story about the name). So here’s some pictures of the new guy!

Unnamed Halfmoon

He’s a complete opposite of Peach; He’s shy, not aggressive, not a little pig when it comes to eating. Peach loved to eat, was very curious, and liked to chase my fingers. This little guy is curious but cautious; but he’s slowly coming out of his shell. Every time I go to his tank, I drop in one pellet. (Which means I can’t go near very often since he can’t eat a lot.) This shows him that people mean food and he’ll swim to the front looking for food when someone comes near instead of hiding.

I’m still in the process of picking a name for him so for now, we’ll call him “the new guy”. 🙂

~P. H. Burdette

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