Meet Ladybird, the Cockatiel

Hello again, everyone!

Now for a proper introduction to another of our furry— or rather feathered— friends. This is Ladybird, my female cinnamon Cockatiel. She is approx. 8-9 years old and was given to me by a friend who was moving. I’ve owned her for about a year now, I believe it’s been. Now these aren’t the best photos of her but I’ll try to get more of her sometime. I had never owned a Tiel, as they are affectionately called, before but when I was about 7-8 years old, our parents bought me and my sisters each a budgie. J. G., my older sister, and I both had blue males; and P. C. my younger sister, had a green female whom she dubbed Tweety. Mine was named Stuart Little. They were by no means tame but I loved to watch them and listen to them. Tweety was constantly picked on by the other two and she died after a year. Stuart lived a bit longer and he was with me for about 2 1/2 years. J.G.’s reached the ripe old age of 5.

I had studied Cockatiels for some time before my friend asked me if I would like to give Ladybird a home. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic when my parents said that yes I could give her a home. So that’s how Ladybird came to be with me. She’s a very, very, VERY sweet bird and would like nothing better than to cuddle with you. She’s very tame but she does have her off days now and then. Her favorite toys are papers to shred; and her favorite thing to do is ride around on my dad’s shoulder and have her head scratched. Another of her favorite things to do are taking showers and staring at herself in a mirror, admiring her smooth feathers. She lets you know when she’s done with her food bowl by un-hooking it off the bars and chirping loudly. Her favorite treat is millet. Ladybird also likes spending her spare time watching the fish in the tank and exploring the bedroom floor when the dogs aren’t around. My friend’s mom said Ladybird can say “I love you” but I haven’t heard her say it yet, and she can do “Yoo-hoo” and wolf whistles. And here she is! Miss Ladybird!

Tell me I’m beautiful!

What’s this? A speck of dust on my perch! Quick somebody clean it up!

Ah, thank you. Now I can sleep in peace. Now if you’ll just cover my cage, I’d be indebted to you, my good lady.

~ P. H. Burdette

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6 thoughts on “Meet Ladybird, the Cockatiel

  1. crochetingbyreb

    Are her wings clipped or not ?

    • No, they’re not clipped and she loves being able to fly from person to person in the house. ^.^ I did consider having her wings clipped but with the dogs around I thought it best if she had some means of escape if one of them decided to sneak up on her. 🙂

      • crochetingbyreb

        Oh okay. Aren’t you afraid that she will fly away by accident, like if someone opened a door or window ?

  2. Well, I only let her out of the cage if someone is available to supervise her. 🙂 But we all try to make sure that no doors leading to the outdoors are opened when she’s around. 🙂 She’s pretty good abut it and will stay with either me or our dad. But if we ever move overseas I am going to have her wings clipped before our flight. 😉

    • crochetingbyreb

      Okay, thanks.:)

      • No prob! 🙂 I think whoever owned her before my friend did, she must’ve been handled a lot because she’s a very social and patient bird.
        Yesterday, I found out that she LOVES listening to Perez Prado and His Orchestra! XD Her fav so far is “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”. 🙂 She also likes the “Bonanza” theme song! ^.^

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