Cowgirl Dixie

Recently, Dixie has become obsessed with westerns; including “The Wild, Wild West”, “Bonanza”, “Rawhide”, “The Lone Ranger”, and a few others. She has been watching westerns and AirBud since she a wee pup. She dug into the closet and dug out my felt cowboy hat and BEGGED me to put it on her along with her blue bandanna.

See, mom?! I’m smiling! Now can we go play, huh? I know EXACTLY where my ball is! Can we go now?! PLEASE!

Correction: Tsk, tsk. Poor pet. I was just humoring her and I did NOT dig into the closet! YOU did! And I asked for my PURPLE bandanna NOT the blue one. Really, mom. You need to get your facts straight. I do like watching AirBud and I’ve seen all of ’em. 🙂 But it’s mom who’s obsessed with westerns. She just finished watching “The Wild Wild West” for the fifth time over a span of two years. And she watches Bonanza on Saturdays and borrows Rawhide from the library whenever they get a new season. They just got season 3 and 4 so *sigh*, I’ll be humoring her for a little while longer I suppose. Hah! Next thing you know, she’ll be wanting me to play dead after a “duel” or something! Oh yeah! And today she got this really cool ring thingy and boy is it fun running through!

That “ring thingy” is a hula hoop, Dix. And I am NOT obsessed! Well..maybe just a teeny bit. 🙂

Oh yeah…that thing... *blush*Sure, sure, mom! I believe you. 😉

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